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Commercial Services


North Dakota Guaranty & Title Company is proud to be the region’s leader in commercial real estate transactions. Our commercial team has coordinated title information services on a multitude of different commercial projects. 


Track Record
•    More than 250 million per year in transactions
•    Hotels, Motels and Apartment Buildings
•    Shopping Malls & Strip Malls
•    Ethanol Plants, Food Processing Plants and Wind Farms
•    Transmission Lines, Pipe Lines and DOT Highway Projects


North Dakota Guaranty & Title Company is a premier agent for many of the nation’s largest commercial title insurance underwriters. Our diverse team of title and escrow professionals brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from local and national markets to every commercial transaction.


As a result of our commitment to commercial excellence, our team has received numerous accolades for exemplary professionalism and customer service. It is that commitment which sets us apart from the rest.


Whether it is a single property, multi-site project, or multi-million dollar transaction you can depend on North Dakota Guaranty & Title Company to assist you with every detail.


When you think of commercial title and escrow services, think of North Dakota Guaranty and Title Company.



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