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Revised: 3-24-16


Our fee calculator provides reliable fee estimates for your use on the Loan Estimate disclosure. The calculator should not be used as a price comparison tool among title services providers, it is solely intended to deliver compliant Buyer fees only. Actual fees may be less once title work is complete. The estimated fees can be used regardless if you are disclosing title charges in Box B or C of the LE and CD and whether or not you provide a list of providers that the consumer can choose from.


Please submit the Fee Sheet from our calculator with your order and we will guaranty the fees we charge will not put you out of compliance on your LE or CD with the exception of unknown curative title defects that become known through the title examination such as a quiet title action or affidavits.


If changes occur from the time you issue the LE, such as loan amount, and you have not received the title work yet, simply send us the updated Fee Sheet. If the transaction changes, such as loan amount, after you have received title work, let us know and we will get you updated title charges right away to be disclosed with your revised LE.


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** If you are not able to view our GFE calculator, please e-mail Chelsey Legg, chelseyl@thetitleteam.com