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Brexit - How U.S. Lenders can Benefit - 07/07/2016

The ripple effect of Britain's exit from the European Union are beginning to be felt in the US — for both good and ill. With the initial panic subsiding, experts are now seeing that instability in European markets and dropping rates at home are a combination that bodes well for U.S. lenders and realtors—as well as the housing market at large.
The 10-year yield of US Treasury funds has declined and brought mortgage rates down with it. 30-year fixed-rates are currently at a minuscule 3.5% and likely to plummet to "all-time lows" according to Fitch Ratings, as quoted by the Wall Street Journal.
For the average homebuyer, this is great news. Whether customers are pursuing a new purchase or a refinance, circumstances are extremely favorable and likely to get even more so. The same goes for lending entities, who are enjoying an increased opportunity to drum up business in an otherwise challenging economy.